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There are moments when all the worries and worries go down in the unbroken peace of nature, you will realize sitting in the shade on a beautiful day and peacefully watching the green grass is the perfect rest. But where do you live that meets the need to enjoy life, when the cold gray concrete blocks do not stop growing up narrowing the natural sky? SCC brings you a second home, which is for relaxing in the fresh air, close to nature. The only difficulty is that you have to choose your own resort style from the projects that SCC created.




Saigon Sunbay


The Song


Saigon - Ham Tan Tourist Area

Lagi Pearl

Situated along gorgeous Lagi seashore (Binh Thuan Province), about two hours from Ho Chi Minh City travelling by car, Saigon - Ham Tan resort attracted tourists by modernity, youthfulness and class services.

As a meticulously crafted gem, each space of the 183 ha tourist area is cared by talented WATG architects (famous American consultant), creating a total the harmonious scene.

With a combination of villas, beachfront bungalows, luxury hotels - resorts, Golf Club, Downtown Services, Sports Zone ..., it really is an ideal haven of rest to enjoy.

Between modern designs, Saigon - Ham Tan resort packages the cool green, characteristic sandy hills of the inspirational land of sun and wind Lagi. The heart of the project is the beautiful lake with a natural curved shape that highlights the landscape for golf and luxury villas.

The ventilated high-ceiling room, the luxury decorated amenities in the interior space as cherished creative emotion of a high-class life. 


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