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Founded in



21 years

of development


SCC has been strongly boosting and constantly expanding variety of real estate sectors: Constructing, designing and leasing industrial buildings; Investing in urban development projects and resorts in southern focusing areas such as Ho Chi Minh City and Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, Lagi Town, Binh Thuan Province.

With strong financial potential, firm experience as well as its competence and prestige, SCC always brings to its customers and partners the best values, improving SCC’s position in Vietnam real estate market.




SCC is a leading real estate investor and developer in HCM City in particular and Vietnam in general, stands in the top 10 in the segment of high-end real estate market in Vietnam through a sustainable development strategy based on the competition advantage chain: prime location, transparent legal, strong finance, experienced and qualified personel.


With the mission of "Developing sustainability with the community", SCC brings faith to customers by its products with superior quality, reasonable price, transparent legal for better cooperation and development with customers and partners, contributing to the development of the society.

Core Values
Core Values

Responsibility: Always create the best quality products and services for our customers by always raising the sense of responsibility.

Quality: Commitment to bring the best products and services to customers. 

Creativity: Constantly improving products and services, bringing new things.

Prestige: Serving customers with the mind, always putting the credibility as the core foundation to build and develop the company.

Culture Of The Enterprises
Culture Of The Enterprises

SCC focuses on human development, friendly and professional working environment.

Management Team

SCC pays special attention to staff - employees (staffs) with the motto "use human like use wood".

Company leaders always mind: no staff is useless, just choose the right people, allocate the right work will help them to promote efficiency and reach. Everyone has different advantages and disadvantages, but the company always create conditions for them to develop strengths and weaknesses. Since then, SCC Board of Directors has selected the right talent, such as choosing the right wood block for wind sail, steer steers and hull wave, take the boat SCC over the same.

Sticking to SCC, each employee receives an income that is worthy of his or her ability, attractive benefits and opportunities for advancement. Training and development staff is always the priority to create a good army of professional skill, moral standards and enthusiasm dedication.

In addition, SCC will not forget to create activities to connect the united masses, so that all employees can enjoy and practice through the annual Sports Festival, Year End Party and inspirational team building activities.

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